Raw 1,5. DXF-filer för plåtar och detaljerade illustrationer

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Product Description

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This is a downloadable file with all .DXF files for the plates and access to the list with all parts required to build the machine, detailed illustrations over the electronics and the different machines. Go here http://cncmaskiner.org/artiklar/ for the article section.

Read this usefull information before you build the machine http://cncmaskiner.org/anvandbar-information-innan-du-bygger-en-raw-1-5-cnc-maskin/ This will help you to decide what machine to build.

If you have access to water jet or laser you can cut the plates yourself or even create them by hand. Go to this guide for more information: http://cncmaskiner.org/hur-du-tillverkar-platarna-forhand/

You will also get access to all the articles on the site that will help you to build the machine. The articles contain detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics.

Log in to your account after purchase, to download the files and to access all the articles and drawings.

What is a Raw 1.5 machine?

If you have never worked with a CNC machine, you will discover a whole new world of manufacturing. A Raw1.5 machine can mass-produce parts with extreme accuracy and speed. As soon as you have drawn and set a piece to be cut, just load it into the machine and it produces the same part in infinity. Compare it with standing for hours in front of the band saw and doing the same. A CNC machine is like a very good employee who works around the clock without whining.

Raw is among the first aluminum machines. There are a lot of copies on our machine, which is fun, what’s less fun is that they chose cheap parts in plastic and shaky designs. We have chosen to go the other way and today our machine is the strongest and most serious “Do-it-yourself” machine on the market what we know of. A Raw1.5 can weigh up to 40-90 kilos and only the plates weigh 10 kilos and are made of up to 8mm aluminum. Compare it to other machines that have 3-4mm aluminum or steel plates. A Raw uses industrial parts for the same price as other machines.

A Raw machine is perfect for wood cutting and easier aluminum machining. The result will be very good and up to 1-2/10mm in precision, but it depends on you and your settings. However, you cannot compare an aluminum machine with an industrial machine for 150.000Eur, there is a reason why they are so expensive. Do not have too much hopes, but this machine is perfect for wood cutting and easier aluminum machining. The result will be very good and up to 1-2/10mm in precision, but it depends on you and your settings.

Modular machine

We have designed the machine modular wich means that you can grow with your machine. You can upgrade Raw from belt to racks and make it bigger up to 130x180cm by changing some of the parts. Raw can be super strong by reinforce it with steel and tougher electronics, here is an demonstration of the strength of the machine, the first video really shows how strong the construction is.

Example of the instructions.

Racks or belt drive?
We recommend belt to begin with for machines that are not longer/wider than 100cm, for longer or wider machines we recommend upgrading to Racks.

Belt drive

Rack drive

Raw 1.5 Extended XL

Different versions of Raw 1.5

A video from CNC swede who cuts a branding iron with a Raw 1.5 with racks