VFD 2,2KW 220V frekvensomvandlare 400Hz


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Product Description

Passar alla våra 2.2kw spindar, luft eller vattenkyld. När du köper denna produkt så får du även tillgång till instruktioner på hur du kopplar spindel till VFD samt kretskort.

  • 【Connection way】Input:220VAC(+/-5%) 1 or 3phase(for single-phase input, just connect the input wire to the R and S terminals) .Output:3phase 220v. Frequency:0-50hz/60hz. 0-400hz
  • 【Multiplex terminal】Unlike other inexpensive VFDS, this VFD has two sets of terminal functions,Rich of digital and analogy control terminals for versitile control,optional MODBUS (RS485) extension,diversified parameter setting
  • 【Safety performance】Take advantage of various protection ways such as Motor short-circuit detection at power-on, output phase loss protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection and etc.
  • 【Good Noise Control】The product has the advantages of low noise and low electromagnetic interference, which are achieved by the excellent PMW control technology and component compatibility design. There is enough space for cooling between each component, and the product casing is designed with multiple holes, the above features can make this VFD have a longer service life.

Product Description

2.2kw VFD Specifications

1. Technology Criterion

PerformaneFrequency range0~600Hz
Precision of output frequency0.01Hz
Distinguish rate of setting frequencyDigital setting: 0.01Hz.
Analog setting: AD switch precision for one in thousand,linearity for +-5%
 Speed range1:100
 Overload capabilityE100S series:150%rated current 60s;180%rated current 2s. E100T series(G model): 150%rated current 60s;180%rated current 2s.
E100T series(P model): 120%rated current 60s;150%rated current 2s.
Remark:may obtain the informations of model and power in ldquod1 function groupsrdquo.
Control ModeOpen-loop simple vector control
Torque boostManual torque can be adjust; Auto-Torque upgrade the whole frequency band.
Start up Torquewhen0.5Hz, rated torque for 150%.
Function descriptionsAcc and Dec time0.1~3200.0s
Jog functionJog frequency:0.00~50.00h z;
Standard functionsSimple vector control, torque boost, automatic slip compensation (rev gain) , stop for DC braking,Restart after power off instantaneous,auto fault reset, control over-current when accelerating speed,multi-step speed 4 run,traverse frequency function applies to textile,closed loop PID control
Run rule3kinds control mode:keyboard control,analog terminal control,serial communication control.
Frequency Source SelectionDigital setting,analog voltage setting,analog current setting,the serial communication port setting; can be combined through a variety of ways to switch.
Input4digital input terminals, as many as 13 kinds of custom features, is compatible with the active NPN input;
TerminalsTwo analog input terminals, can receive a voltage signal (0 ~10V), or current signal (4 ~ 20mA);
 Output1 relay output, up to 6 kinds of user defined functions;11 open-collector output, 6 user defined functions;
Terminals1 analog output, 4 kinds of user defined functions; can export voltage signal (0 ~ 10V).
Protection functionsOvervoltage,undervoltage and external fault,overcurrent,overheating,overload
EnvironmentInstallation placeIndoor, Altitude of less than 1 km, clean, non-corrosive gases and no direct sunlight
Temperature-10℃ ~ +40℃( Inverter will be derated if ambient temperature exceeds 40degC.)
Humidity20%~90%RH(without dewfall)
VibrationLess than 0.5g

2. Product Feature:

1. E100 series inverter uses a simplified vector control technology, with extensive application of functional blocks.

2. Can be the whole frequency band of torque automatic compensation, to compensate for the output torque to meet the user requirements for high torque; to improve the dynamic response and motor control features.

3. Have a proportional, integral and differential (PID) control function of the closed-loop control, can be used for process control ,such as constant pressure water supply.

4. Built-in the function of the textile-specific swing band.

5. Fast current limit (FCL) function, to avoid undue running trip.

6. Built-in DC injection braking.

7. Acceleration / deceleration ramp features have a programmable smoothing function.

8. Prevent the speed lose during over-voltage, in running the inverter automatically limit the increase of DC bus voltage.

9. Fault and fault query monitoring features.

10. Built-in serial communication interface, using standard modbus communication protocol.

3. Installation Environment

1. There are vents or ventilation devices in indoor places.

2. Ambient temperature -10 C ~ 40 C. If the ambient temperature is bigger than 40 C, but lower than 50 C, may take off the cover board of inverter or open the front door cabinet, in order to reduce temperature.

3. Try to avoid high temperature and wet places, humidity less than 90%, and without dewfall.

4. Avoid direct sunlight.

5. Away from air pollution such as flammable and corrosive gases, liquids.

6. No dust, floating particles of fiber and metal.

7. It is not allowed that the inverter falls down or suffers from fierce impact or the inverter installed at the place that vibration frequently.

8. Keep away from the electromagnetic radiation source.